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Epoxy coated dowel bars are short steel bars that provide a mechanical connection between slabs without restricting horizontal joint movement. They increase load transfer efficiency by allowing the leave slab to assume some of the load before the load is actually over it. This reduces joint deflection and stress in the approach and leave slabs.
Epoxy coated dowel bars are used in Highways, Airports and High-speed rails, which provide a durable, corrosion resisting solution to connections in concrete or other structural applications.

  • Dowel Bar Standard: ASTM A1078/A1078M
  • Steel Grade: GR40, GR60, GR75
  • Steel Standard: ASTM A615/A615M
  • Coating Technic: Fusion-bonded epoxy powder
  • Powder Brand: Valspar, Jotun, 3M
  • Coating Standard: ASTM A775/A775M, ASTM A934/A934M
  • Normal Diameter: 16, 20, 22, 25, 30, 36, 38, 40 mm
  • Tailored Size: 16mm-50mm (5/8"-2")
  • Length: from 100mm to 1m (+/- 5mm)

We also supply sleeves for dowels with end cap fitted with compressible filler.